Improvements in V 8.7

  1. Adjustments to macOS 10.13 High Sierra

• New Compiler

  1. Adjustments for new Compiler

Improvements in V 8.6

• Signed with Developer ID

• CoMa can copy itself into the program folder, according to demand

• German & English version in one program

• Documentation in the app package

• Optimizations

• Bugfix

Improvements in V 8.5.2

  1. Bugfix

Because of the new EU VAT rules for e-services, I will not sell software licenses anymore

to EU citizens, outside Germany, without VAT ID as from 2015-01-01.

Thank you dear EU politicians :-(((((

Improvements in V 8.5.1

  1. Optionally it is possible to send an e-mail , even if no message was left 

  2. All files, that are stored using Unicode encoding UTF-8, include the UTF-identification (Byte Order Mark) at the beginning of file

  3. Change of address

  1. Bugfixes

  2. Div. optimizations

Improvements in V 8.5

• Better screening of grayscale / color images

• Optimizing the transmission time to older fax machines

• Fax jobs can be assigned a priority from 1 to 99

    - All faxes with the highest priority are sent first

    - The priority can be edited in the Job dialog

    - New column "Priority" in the job list

    - New line PRIORITY: x in the control file Sendinfo.txt

    - if a fax is not sent successfully, the priority is reduced by 1

• Hidden folders in the job folders which starts with ".", will not be scanned

• After waking up from sleep mode, the serial port is closed and reopened (else the serial port may not work)

• If the fax could not send successfully, the error reason in plain text is displayed in the call list and is also exported

• When a fax is sent at a lower rate than the receiver is able to, the actual speed is displayed in the call list

• Changed file format for sample pictures in PNG

• Modem-type menu with Longshine LCS-8156C1 supplemented

• New faster compiler is used

• Optimization of memory usage

• Div. other optimizations

Improvements in V 8.4.1

  1. The Caller ID transmission of the modem is automatically turned on, if possible

  2. Is a name is transmitted during an incoming call, additionally to the phone number, the name will be displayed

  3. Improved compatibility with very old slow fax machines

  4. AIFF files with a sampling frequency > 44.1 kHz can also be converted into the modem format

  5. Bugfix: When creating a fax jobs an existing folder was overwritten when the name already exists

  6. Bugfix: Possible crash when a fax page contained a very poor distribution of rasterized grayscale

  7. Optimization for Zoom modems

Improvements in V 8.4

  1. New voice modem type "Zoom with Rockwell chip"

  1. New setting "Do not bring windows in front at calls"

  2. The registration key can also be calculated for names that contain no ASCII characters

  3. The registration key can be entered with lowercase characters (CR, LF, and spaces are removed)

  4. The log file is saved as UTF-8

  5. Note on program startup in beta versions can be switched off

  1. Div. optimizations

Improvements in V 8.3

  1. Adaptation to changed function in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion to attach files to emails for forwarding messages and faxes

  1. Display of new program version can be suppressed until the release of the next version

  1. Div. optimizations

If you are already CoMa user, this update is free of charge, if you got the last registration key after 2015-01-31.

CoMa X (Voice / Fax / Pro) 8.7 for macOS

Answering Machine, Voice- & Fax-On-Demand-System, Send &
Receive Faxes, Terminal with internal Send & Receive Z-Modem